Everything You Need to Know About Booking Your Wedding Entertainment
The key to an unforgettable reception is the entertainment, so we asked some of our favorite bands to dish on what every Bride or Groom needs to know about choosing a band or DJ.
One of the most important aspects of your wedding reception is the entertainment – the music sets the tone for dinner, and an unforgettable wedding is one that gets your guests on their feet, dancing the night away. It goes without saying that choosing the right wedding band and/or DJ for your celebration makes all the difference, but it can also be one of the most daunting tasks if you're not plugged in to the local music scene. That's why we asked some of our favorite bands to dish on what every Bride and Groom needs to know about booking their wedding entertainment, so this can be one of your favorite parts of the wedding planning process instead of one that feels overwhelming. Hit play, then scroll on to get all the details!

You don’t have to decide on your ceremony or cocktail hour music right away. We find that couples oftentimes get overwhelmed trying to decide on their music preferences or first dance song before they've book their band. They’re always relieved to find out that those details can be finalized closer to the big day! - Tori, Bay Kings Band

Go see your band perform live! There's no better way to choose a band than to hear them live first, that way you'll know exactly what to expect on your big day. Some bands have regular showcases where you can see them perform before making the decision to book. This also gives you the opportunity to speak with the musicians in person to see how they can help make the planning run smoothly so your wedding day is stress free. Pro tip: Showcases also make for a great date night while wedding planning! - Rachel, Bluewater Kings Band

Everyone has their favorite songs or a style of music they dislike, which is important information for the band to have so they can customize your setlist. But some couples micro-manage what their band should or should not play. Trying to stick to strict instructions can limit the band’s ability to play to the crowd and keep the dance floor full. Sometimes couples realize this midway through the event and wish they had let the band read the crowd or take requests from guests rather than sticking to a strict playlist. - Evan, Royal Dukes Band

Find a band that can play an acoustic set for your ceremony or cocktail hour AND get the party going for the reception! Booking an all-inclusive band means there is less set-up and breakdown required, which helps keep the price down without cutting corners. More importantly, though, instead of wasting time communicating with multiple vendors, you can focus on spending precious time with loved ones. - Thai, Silver Arrow Band

Even if you’ve booked a band, DJ your dinner music! Your band can help you create the DJ playlist, but having the band perform during dinner is too loud and distracting – guests can’t decide whether to sit down to eat or head to the dance floor.  Plus, saving the band set for after dinner means you can keep the party going later! - Kevin, Lucky Devils Band

Bigger is not always better. Some couples are looking to impress their guests, but depending on the size of the venue, the number of guests expected, and the overall style of the event, sometimes a five or six-piece band is all you need. (Don't get us wrong, a 12-piece band can rock the house, but it may be too loud for an intimate soiree at your parent's home.) - Curtis, Diamond Empire Band

And finally, a fun tip to keep your guests dancing: 90s music is all the rage! We’re getting more and more requests for 9os throwback songs – N’SYNC, Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, you name it. It’s really fun music to play and gets the crowd going, so we love this trend! - Adam, Bachelor Boys Band
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